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Get Rejuvenated So Your Business Can Grow

Clean Your Thinking • Reclaim Your Freedom • Create a Better Future

Are You A Successful, Ambitious Entrepreneur?

Reclaim Your Power and Grow 10X!

Do you remember how much enthusiasm, ambition, courage, and determination you had when you first became an entrepreneur? You felt unstoppable, like your were superman or woman. It was scary, and the work was hard, but you loved it because YOUR DREAM was taking shape, AND IT FELT GREAT.


  • Are you doing work you love? Work you can’t wait to tackle?
  • Are you giving your best to everyone? Are others thriving because of your influence?
  • Does your team manage themselves? Are they making it happen on their own?
  • Are customers lined up to give you big money while singing your praises to everyone they meet?
  • Do you take off as much as you’d like to do the things you really want to do?
  • Is your family pleased with you and your business? Are they getting your best?

OR… are you frustrated, weary, uninspired, stuck, trapped? Are you beginning to wonder if you’ve peaked, and now it’s just a long slow ride to the finish? Have you reached the stage where you’re questioning your future?


New entrepreneurs in the LDG10X® program frequently say, in differing ways, it feels like I’m “running into an INVISIBLE WALL,” and no matter what I try or how hard I work, I can’t seem to get past it.

Through the program they learn the WALL is a naturally forming barrier that grows because entrepreneurs like them, tend to be highly intelligent, exceedingly talented, and industrious. Individuals who for various reasons choose to do everything themselves, working longer and longer hours to get it all done. Even when hiring new people they continue to manage everything, struggle to delegate, and exhaust themselves trying to keep up.

Maybe you’re thinking, “YEAH” that’s exactly how I feel, like I’ve HIT THE WALL!

You Have The Capability To Get Past the Wall On Your Own!

There is no doubt you have the capability to get past the wall on your own. But most people don’t because they are so close to their situation they don’t know where to start. It’s like the slugger in a hitting slump, or a pro golfer who keeps shanking the ball. They have the skills to fix the problem, but because they can’t see their own swing find it very difficult to do on their own.

That’s why so many top performers have mentors, managers and coaches. Instead of squandering their time, talent and energy trying to overcome their barriers, and they all have barriers. They leverage the genius of others to transform their barriers into fields, courts and marketplaces THEY CAN PERFORM MAGIC ON.

Clean Your Thinking

Once your thinking is clean you’ll feel renewed and reenergized

Reclaim Your Freedom

Your freedom is vital to the growth of your company and life

Create a Better Future

You’ll have the energy, enthusiasm and creativity to grow again

– Mia Voss

Woman Entrepreneur smiling
If you can reclaim your freedom, clean your thinking
and get rejuvenated then you'll get back your
power and you'll perform magic!
candid entrepreneuer
I was blown away by how refreshed I felt
after attending the Clean Thinking Workshop
Mia Voss

Why Should I Invest My Time?

Because you’re too busy and have no time!

Is that what you want on your tombstone when it’s over? Here lays “entrepreneur x” who only had time for work. We are going to show you how to work less and make more.

Because you spend your time doing work you don’t enjoy!

Do you even remember why you became an entrepreneur? Wasn’t it to do work you enjoy and that satisfies? We’re going to show you how to leverage your genius so work becomes enjoyable and deeply rewarding again.

Because you work with people you don’t really like!

How’s it feel working with people who don’t get it, want it or have the capacity to really do it? We are going to show you how to surround yourself with people who can make it happen.

Remember how you felt when you first got started?

The enthusiasm, ambition, sense of purpose, laser focus, endless energy? We’re going to show you how to get rejuvenated so the resourcefulness you once had returns.

If you’re not enjoying ALL THE UPSIDES of the entrepreneurial life then you owe it to yourself, your team, and those you love to find out why.

Come discover for yourself how the Learn Do Grow 10X® and Clean Thinking Lab™ program help entrepreneurs to get rejuvenated so they can grow. Click on the blue button to learn more about our complimentary presentations.

Les Dossey coaching Taylor Youmans with UBS Financial
I kept thinking the timing isn't right,
now I'm kicking myself for waiting so long.

What Makes LDG10X So Effective?

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