Learn Do Grow 10X

Learn Do Grow 10X Workshop

Get Rejuvenated So You Can Grow

Clarify Your Thinking • Reclaim Your Freedom • Create a Better Future

Total Support System for Ambitious Entrepreneurs


– Mia Voss

Clarify Your Thinking

Once your thinking is clean you’ll feel renewed and reenergized

Reclaim Your Freedom

Your freedom is vital to the growth of your company and life

Create a Better Future

You’ll have the energy, enthusiasm and creativity to grow again

Les Dossey coaching Taylor Youmans with UBS Financial

Discover how the Clean Thinking Lab™ can
help you get rejuvenated so you can grow 10X.


What Makes Learn Do Grow 10X and the Clean Thinking Lab Different?

Woman Entrepreneur smiling

When you learn how easy it is to get rejuvenated
you're never going to question why you invested
90-mins to learn.

candid entrepreneuer

I was blown away by how refreshed I felt
after attending the Clean Thinking Workshop

Mia Voss

Why Should I Invest My Time?

Because you’re too busy and have no time!

Is that what you want on your tombstone when it’s over? Here lays “entrepreneur x” who only had time for work.

We are going to show you how to work less and make more.

Because you spend your time doing work you don’t enjoy!

Do you even remember why you became an entrepreneur? Wasn’t it to do work you enjoy and that satisfies?

We’re going to show you how to leverage your genius so work becomes enjoyable and deeply rewarding again.

Because you work with people you don’t really like!

How’s it feel working with people who don’t get it, want it or have the capacity to really do it?

We are going to show you how to surround yourself with people who can make it happen.

Remember how you felt when you first got started?

The enthusiasm, ambition, sense of purpose, laser focus, endless energy? Why don’t you feel those things anymore?

If you’re not enjoying ALL THE UPSIDES of the entrepreneurial life then you owe it to yourself, your team, and those you love to find out why.

Come discover for yourself how the Learn Do Grow 10X® and Clean Thinking Lab™ program help entrepreneurs to get rejuvenated so they can grow. Click on the blue button to learn more about our complimentary presentations.