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4 Steps To Entrepreneurial Nirvana

Building A Self-Governing Fully-Autonomous Company.

entrepreneur nirvana
Many entrepreneurs would love to build a fully autonomous company but their mindset frequently works against them.

It takes tremendous grit to become an entrepreneur. It’s your ambition and drive, your big idea(s), your vision of a better future, and your courage to risk everything in pursuit of it that led you onto the entrepreneurial path. And because it was your future, and your reputation on the line you did most of the work yourself —delegating or outsourcing only the things you had no time or ability to do yourself. This is the path most entrepreneurs take to achieve success.

To achieve entrepreneurial nirvana your company has to become self-governing and it begins with the courageous step of reclaiming your freedom.

Step 1: Reclaim Your Freedom

Besides the fact that you were born an entrepreneur, the main reason you chose this path was to free yourself from the constraints of a traditional job. You wanted the rewards your unique capabilities and hard work produces. You wanted to decide who you work with and do business for. You wanted more time to do the things you wanted to do. You wanted control of both your destiny and how you pursue it.

To get your freedom back you have to build a small team of people who get what you want, want what you want and have the unique capabilities to make it happen. A team you can trust to achieve your objectives—their way, without you managing them. A team that shows up every day with tremendous ambition and enthusiasm, their best ideas and the courage to implement them.

With the right team members in place, you can offload 80% of your daily activities and free up big chunks of time.

Step 2: Clarify Your Vision

The primary reason you need your entrepreneurial freedom back is so you can focus on developing and testing new ideas. Finding ways to do business in more productive, profitable and fulfilling ways.

As the entrepreneur, you’re the only one who can envision a better future and you’re the only one who can lead your team to make it a reality.

Step 3: Stay in Your Circle

Inside your circle of effectiveness is where you create the most productive, profitable and satisfying contributions to your company and your team. When engaged in doing these few things you lose track of time and sense-of-self. Your energy increases and the value you create multiplies exponentially.

Step 4: Scale Your Business

With your freedom reclaimed, your team operating and growing your business, your mind renewed and your energy high you can find new ways to scale what you do and get what you want from your business and life.

Question: Which step are you most excited to take?

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