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Craft Your Business Story Workshop

Most entrepreneurs have important brand stories to tell, but few are being heard. Their messages drown in the sea of sameness. That’s why it’s critical to craft your personal and professional brand story using the story cycle framework based on the art and theory of story telling.

Here’s Park Howell in a video answering the question, What is story marketing? Enjoy!

The brand story strategy workshop will help you:

  • Appreciate why story marketing is more important now than ever to cut through the noise and get heard
  • Learn the powerful Story Cycle System to elevate your messages, connect with audiences and move them to action
  • Apply your new understanding to clarify your brand story so people will engage.

We’ll re-ignite within you the one true superpower we all possess – storytelling – to help you nudge the marketplace in any direction you choose.

Business of Story Workshop Agenda

During the workshop, we’ll focus on helping you clarify and tell your professional brand story.

8:00 Introduction & warm up
8:15 Why story marketing is more important now than ever for you and your brand
8:25 ACTIVITY: Experience how humans are hardwired for story
8:35 Introduction to the And, But, Therefore model: The DNA of Story
8:45 ACTIVITY: Create and share individual ABTs as the platform for their story
9:00 Introduction to the Story Cycle System
10:00 ACTIVITY: Applying the Story Cycle System to your personal brand story
10:30 BREAK
11:45 ACTIVITY: Share your newly crafted personal brand story (3 mins. per story)
12:00 Deep Q&A

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