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Entrepreneurial Rejuvenation is the Key to Business Growth

Getting Rejuvenated is the Key to Business Growth

Do you remember when you first became an entrepreneur? If your experience was like many then you probably felt superhuman, like you were unstoppable. Your enthusiasm, ambition, courage, and determination we’re heightened, and your personal production was off the charts. It was hard work, but deeply satisfying because it was new and adventurous—you could see the progress and achievement as if you were witnessing it in slow motion.

Admit it, it was one of the greatest times of your life, right?

What happened?

Why aren’t you experiencing heightened levels of enthusiasm, ambition, courage and determination now? Why has your personal production stalled? Why don’t you feel superhuman anymore?

The original Superman coffee cupAbout fifteen years ago I was given a superman ball cap and coffee cup. My pastor at the time was very entrepreneurial. He wasn’t shy about disrupting the status quo looking for innovative ways to help people. When he shared his vision with me I offered to help him bring it to life. To say we encountered challenges is an understatement, but through it all I was there answering the call. At times it did feel like I had been given super human ability. The cap and cup were his way of expressing how he felt about my efforts.

When it was over I became distraught. I grew bored, discouraged and directionless. It felt like I had peaked, like my best days were behind me. For several years I wandered aimlessly struggling to make sense of the future.

If you’re grasping for an answer, stop. The reason business and life isn’t as alluring and satisfying as it once was is simple. You’ve gotten older in mind. The newness wore off. The sense of adventure, and the uncertainty of it all faded into the past. Things have become dull and uninteresting. The proverbial comfort zone is boring you to death. Status quo has you in its grip.

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It is Time for Rejuvenation.

Yes! I said it. It’s time for rejuvenation. To reconnect with your inner child. To close the book on your past and open a new book wherein you’ll write your future.

But not just a week in the tropic’s. Although a break from the day to day is refreshing upon return you’ll slip right back into the same ole’, same ole’ routines. Bored out of your mind, grinding it out, watching the clock, secretly waiting for the weekend so you can escape.

What you really need is to rejuvenate yourself. To clean your mind of old, worn out, uninspiring, ineffective, and messy ways of thinking about your business and life. You need to bring creativity, playfulness and adventure back to the table. You need some help remembering who you are.


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